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Hundred years GE: Find the place that the dream begins again in China

"No less than 130 result from before New Year more the United States is same, GE regards China as the 2nd birthplace, chinese market will become the fundamental footing that GE future develops, GE also will be passed innovate ceaselessly, economy of green of the China that help strength grows. " president of division of GE big China holds presiding apparitor Luo Bangmin concurrently (MarkNorbom) expresses.

From 1908, since GE built plant of the first bulb in Shenyang, GE and China already had source of hundred years collaboration. This " old name " predecessor, it is American invention king the electric lamp company that Thoms Edison founded 1878, become Dao Jones since industrial index was established 1896, up to now only still is in the company on exponential a list of names posted up.

Company president holds · of presiding apparitor Jeff concurrently Yimeierte (JeffImmelt) takes GE 21 centuries, endow with its with " green mission " , cross a century in this change in the plan, environmental protection becomes t the most popular selling dog crates large he burden of GE no longer, turn over the commercial income that will get 25 billion dollar from which, accordingly, "Green is achieved want " be called what GE succeeds most to cross one of industry strategies.

   Innovateloony tunes golden

"The market is met more and more globalization, growth is met more and more get innovation drive. We must want to change our company. " Yimeierte (JeffImmelt) ever expressed so. He thinks, GE besides should dare to assume risk, sale excelsior besides, it is the most important to still have a bit -- be brave in to innovate.

Actually, invest a structure for improvement, yimeierte already compressed group of below the banner 11 business it is 5 of nowadays, sell new and high material, plastic business in succession, be operation in the plan the home appliance business of hundred years is searched buy the home.

In the business of GE numerous innovation, the mainest component is with " environmental protection " those who be a point of growth " green is achieved want " plan. On May 9, 2005, yimeierte is started in the whole world " dog crates large best buy green is achieved want " (Eco - Magination) plan, its core content is to apply environmental protection concept, develop newest science and technology, offer for the client " green " solution. Yimeierte expresses, "Green is achieved want " it is GE to answer cleaner and efficient energy demand, reduce the exhaust emission commitment that make, and company also but from which gain.

According to the plan, GE will use a few distinctive the sources of energy, technology and infrastructure capacity at grinding to invent the solution of the day, for example cell of solar energy, mixture engine, fuel, low discharge aircraft engine and lighter harder data, efficient illume and water purification technology to wait.

This plan of executive trustee JamesCameron to GE gave group of climate change capital to speak very highly of, he says: "I have deep love for this plan, this is wholeheartedly the result of survey and positive commercial view, we are right of the plan carry out confident. This still will be encouraged other company undertakes innovating and from which benefit. This still will be encouraged other company undertakes innovating and from which benefit..

This is called by Yimeierte " GE succeeds most in recent years cross business to cross one of industry strategies " " green is achieved want " a revolution that caused GE and client collaboration kind. In this plan, environmental protection becomes the burden of GE no longer, instead the good luck of translate into new development. "Green achieves the growth strategy that wanting is GE whole world, it helps us answer the challenge of current society with advanced technology, support our client, promote our financial performance continuously thereby. No matter where be, will solve a problem to always can create benign business with the technology. " Yimeierte expresses.

In the plan, GE produced the each business advantage of the company, in bring great redound for investor while, oneself the sources of energy is used and greenhouse gas discharge capacity falls to lowest. Predict 2010, GE general raises 1.5 billion dollar from the 750 million dollar 2005 to the investment of environmental protection technology; Come from " green is achieved want " the income of the product reachs 25 billion dollar at least. GE is affirmatory at the same time, reduced our company greenhouse gas discharge capacity 2012 1% , energy utilization rate rises 30% , water consumption is reduced 20% .

It is reported, come 4 years, GE had developed 80 " green is achieved want " product, cash as scheduled first " green is achieved want " acceptance, 2008 the company that finish discharges intensity about reducing greenhouse gas the target of 30% . In " green is achieved want " below the help of the plan, GE already was in " world of clean the sources of energy " the domain holds lead position. Predict, will create 18 billion dollar 2009 " green is achieved want " sale.

Can say " green is achieved want " promoted GE to be in greatly innovation and the fame of executive respect. Be in the United States " Wired " of the magazine " 2007 enterprise of 40 the richest innovation " in choosing, business of industry of this old brand is in the 9th by the platoon, share sheet of a list of names posted up with it, it is apple, SamSung, Google mostly these come to with innovating famous IT company for years.

   China of base oneself upon

Environmental protection and collaboration, be considered as the pass of China of base oneself upon by GE, "To ' green product ' , china may be one of best user markets on the world " .

GE decision, want to strengthen the research and development of product of green environmental protection and technology in China not only, what strengthen GE oneself dog stairs even is energy-saving decrease a platoon. China is making the core of GE green revolution.

On May 29, 2006, GE is started in China " green is achieved want " plan, change with Chinese country hair appoint signed collaboration of technology of an environmental protection to forgive memorandum, bilateral agreement, strengthen the cooperation that can develop a field continuously in the environment, the energy conservation that GE will be China offer advanced technology and program with environmental protection industry.

Although the whole world is discussing gas of industrial pollution of China, greenhouse to discharge,wait for a problem, but be in China from GE green product of average level of world of prep above of total sales revenue occupy than can seeing, chinese government and enterprise gave height to take seriously to environmental protection product. Nowadays, GE is devoting oneself to will " green is achieved think of China " technology and product move, make its mainland is changed. "China is an absolutely good market, those who make us glad is, ' green is achieved want ' the target of the strategy and government happens to have the same view. We hope and organization of government, blame government reachs a partner one case, extend the commercial pattern that can develop continuously, and expect get the attention of more person and enterprise and support. " GE " green is achieved want " Xie Chongwei of Chinese division general manager expresses.

In fact, as a result of Beijing the Olympic Games was advanced to environmental protection industry energetically 2008, "Green is achieved want " huge success was gained in China last year, in aviation, the sources of energy, carry and the business of water treatment domain grows drive, "Green is achieved want " in China the nearly 800 million dollar that sales revenue raises to 2008 from the 430 million dollar 2007, increase nearly 80% .

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Chinese market accompanies economic high speed to expand the boundless latent capacity of generation, make GE enchanted not only, also attracted a lot of adversary that compete with it, what the competitor of this locality of China of wh some of which grows rate is fast, let GE also be looked at with new eyes. Yimeierte was visited 2008 China during, put forward to regard GE as China " the 2nd birthplace " the strategy, from this derivative GE is in China of development the 2nd keyword -- " collaboration " , strengthen namely with enterprise of Chinese government, China, especially the collaboration of state-owned company, build joint-stock company with them, promote GE the consequence in China thereby.

"To answer the challenge dvd discovery channel of these adversary, we must regard China now oneself ' home market ' , main development mainland influences ability, the management that includes mainland to change, project, sale, sale and make, " Luo Bangmin points out, "Such our ability gain Chinese market, ability turns China into our the 2nd native place. Ability turns China into our the 2nd native place..

2009, GE in succession with include steamer of Shanghai wide report, Nanjing, Chongqing burgeoning gear, Hangzhou is new the domestic company such as China paper industry builds cooperation. Among them, not long ago of GE medical treatment and Hangzhou are new China paper industry limited company is joint-stock the limited company of filter paper of Hangzhou Wo Hua of build, it is GE base is produced in the first filter paper of Asian build, also be the manufacturing base with the largest scale that dvd discovery GE medical treatment invests build in whole Asia-Pacific area.

   Research and development

In carry out " the 2nd birthplace " in politic process, the center of research and development of Chinese whole world that GE builds at 64 million dollar investing in Shanghai in October 2003 is acting important role. 2007, GE is carried out " in China, for China " the strategy, most popular selling dvd discovery increased the development of the new technology that needs in the light of Chinese market and new product substantially, the demand of science and technology that the China of eye look upon that changes with mainland expands, win the tomorrow that is in China with new science and technology and new product.

Up to 2008, GE filed 320 patent successfully in all in personnel of research and development, having 19 among them is " be in China, for China " the project is patent, involve system of the sources of energy, water treatment, power, how to prevent, medical treatment detects, the many domains such as laser beam machining.

Come dog stairs for car two years, GE is offerred technically from inside CEO capital respectively 15 million use at with 30 million dollar " in China, for China " project, basically use at be the product with Chinese client cleaner research and development and solution. This provides driving power in Chinese development for GE, the key is wind energy, solar energy but the domain such as traffic of second birth most popular selling dog crates large the sources of energy, clean coal, water treatment, orbit and advanced processing technique. Up to 2008, GE throws 85 billion dollar to be used at the environment to purify a project about in China.

2009, "Be in China, it is China " the project will continue to be in profit of seed of informatization of medical treatment of electrification of velar water treatment, oil gas, country, aviation makes reverse osmosis of aerification of coastal waters wind energy, coal, low cost, train engine upgrades, pass feeling and detect big flowmeter and LED are energy-saving illume.

"To be in China the market is obtained and hold lead position, the most important is to want can develop high-tech new product ceaselessly according to this locality demand, complete change China sells catenary endmost position as the internationalization product that is dominant with Euramerican market. " president of center of GE China research and development Dr. Chen Xiangli says.

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